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About us

Accelerate your Do Good potential

Limelights specialises in creating campaigns and content with a Do Good focus. We support brands to define, cultivate and accelerate their sustainability and CSR programs — from initial strategies to final execution. We empower brands with exceptional communication development, engaging visual identities and meaningful, inventive concepts.

The Limelights Approach
We’re all about collaboration. We want to know who you are, where you’re going, and how sustainable practices fit into these goals — because we’re the ones who will help take you there. We’re personal, passionate, driven and funny (if we say so ourselves). And we’re super excited to share in your Do Good journey.



Co-Creation & Design Sprints

These energetic sessions are an ideal way to enhance efficiency, accelerate ambitions and generate concepts with support from all stakeholders. Together we’ll uncover unique paths and languages to achieve epic results.


Content & Campaigns

Limelights is a one-stop-shop for all elements of creative communication: concepts, identities, content and campaigns. We easily adapt to our clients’ needs, because no two brands have the same story to tell.


Distribution & Conversion

Engaging content works best when it reaches the right people at the right moment. We support brands to establish distribution and conversion strategies, ensuring they can make the biggest impact possible.


Joost de Leij

Founder / Creative Strategist

Marrit Plat

Creative Strategist

Thomas van Asperen

Partner / Creative director

Romee Burgmans

Customer Success Manager

Lisanne Kühne

Creative producer

Marleen Holtkamp

Impact accelerator

Albert Hofman


Shileen Ligtelijn

Office Manager

Hanna Gawlik

Independent Creative Director

Claire Bontje


Pim de Vries


Guido Cilissen

Graphic designer

Alimarije Zwaagstra

Graphic designer

Mathijs Voordenbergh

Content strategist

Marjolein Rinckes

Graphic designer

Jasper ter Mors


Loïs de Vries


Geert Broertjes

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We love to talk and make new acquaintances!
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Join the team
We’re always looking for talented, creative and passionate people to join our team.

We are currently seeking for a Senior Art Director. If that’s something for you let us know.