Clifford Chance

Together we are Clifford Chance

Recruitment Campaign

Each year there is an exciting rush for the top law firms in the Netherlands to snag the most talented and bright law graduates. With so many law firms competing in the same city- Clifford Chance knew they needed to reach out to their potential candidates and stand out above the rest. Knowing they needed to step into the online realm – we helped Clifford Chance with their online strategy and developed an exciting recruitment campaign.

Recruiting videos

Like what you saw? We also made videos for TedX, Samenwerking, Amsterdam and The Academy for Clifford Chance. They can be found on social media and under the ‘Working At’ section of the Clifford Chance website for potential employees.


Limelights at recruiting events

From the monthly Legal Lunch Lounge to the Select Class held at the head office in London – our photographers capture a variety of events and moments for a variety of recruiting events. Clifford Chance uses these images for various purposes advertising online and for Social Media.

Recruiting Corporate Identity

As a part of the campaign we developed a new recruiting corporate identity that is implemented in all the different media: from the Facebook advertisements to the Powerpoint template, event invitations, office profile and external website banners.