Flux Partners

Identity and website

In 2014 Flux Partners was founded. In a short period of time they grew from 9 to 30 persons. This growth ofcourse also required a new positioning and brand identity. We are responsible for the new positioning, identity and website. Starting point was combining keywords as ‘quality’ and ‘business’ with a look & feel that would also attract a younger generation. We positioned Flux Partners as an enthusiast and ambitious agency where you would love to work for.

Curious how we the process looks? Read all about it in the case description beneath the case images.


Research and strategy

The process started with a co-creation session with management and all employees. In this session we collect input for the creation process and in the mean time we create support within the organization. The collected data we turned into a detailled debriefing which we fine-tuned together with the client. After this we interviewed all 5 partners to get in-depth and discuss possible directions. All the information was processed and transformed into a strategic direction and new positioning. After approval our graphic designer started creating the new Flux Partners brand identity.



We always start with designing a new logo and presenting various directions to the client. In this phase we also propose a distinctive font. After approval of both we work on designing the complete stationary: logo, writing paper, business cards and enveloppes. In the next phase we elaborated the identity in various means; website, Powerpoint template, contracts, office branding, etc. For Flux Partners we even designed for one of the partners the new sails of his sailing boat which now is Flux Partners branded.

Within this assignment we are especially proud of the brandbook we created. In this book we summarized in an inspiring way the mission, vision, ambition and key values: where do we stand for, how do we want to work and what do we want to radiate to the world.

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