Cares Challenge



The ambition of is to influence the impact of tourism on the local community in a positive way. But how do you activate 10.000 employees, spread over 175 offices worldwide to commit one day a year to improving their city or country? That is what we set out to help with.




We developed an activation campaign for with a new visual style and the concept ‘10.000 people, 10.000 days to make a difference’. By creating the Cares Challenge we encouraged the employees to participate and also to start their own initiatives to make a positive impact on the world.

Online and offline
Offline we executed a poster and sticker campaign with inspiring Booking Cares quotes and small guerrilla actions popping up in offices all over the world. For the online activation we developed weekly social content and a toolkit inspiring colleagues to participate in the challenge. The Booking Cares Facebook page was intensively used to show employees ads evolving around projects that are realized worldwide and to show the video we created. In doing so, was able to reach its employees in- and outside of the office, around the globe, and in a sociable manner.

Caring, a travellers’ gallery
During a 10.000+ employee event held at the RAI event center in Amsterdam Limelights created a ‘Booking Cares’ pop-up gallery. Employees got the opportunity to share their sustainable message with colleagues in an exciting way. The images and messages are used for internal mini-campaigns throughout the year.

Limelights Booking Cares Campagne voor