Inclusion & Diversity

“Never felt more proud"


“Never felt more proud to work for, can I share this video?’’ is a quote from a employee after seeing the video starring her colleagues. This quote gave us goosebumps and truly reinforced us in our mission to help companies to Do Good!


Our diversity gives us strength is one of the core beliefs that made the company they are now: one of the world’s largest travel e-commerce companies employing over 140 nationalities, well-known for data-driven innovation and a strong culture with engaged employees. In a cultural survey the employees indicated that one of the main elements they value about working at is diversity.


Within the Inclusion, Diversity and Belonging team works on making everybody feel at home and empowered to do their best work. The ID&B team runs various programs, platforms & initiatives in order to create awareness and build a network of advocates. Limelights helps the IB&D team with a range of communication challenges: for this project we helped them to share their employee advocate stories in a compelling video. Limelights strongly believes in the power of stories to move people: we are honoured that we could meet these remarkable people and get to know their background, struggles and feelings. Join their journey and become an inclusionist.


Want to know more about how creates a welcoming workplace? You can read an interview here with Chuck Stephens, Global Head of Inclusion, Diversity and Belonging (IDB).

  • team: Lotus Smits & Chuck Stephens
  • Limelights team: Thomas van Asperen (concept & direction), Pim de Vries (camera & edit), Stefan Mandersloot (grading), Baschel de Vries (sound), Albert Hofman (animation).

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