Booking Cares


Booking Cares is the department within that’s on
 a mission to make sustainable travel the way to experience the world. To realize this, communicating in a positive, recognizable and frequent way was necessary.


Last year, Limelights helped the Booking Cares team with setting up their communication strategy and ‘why statement’ through energetic co-creation sessions. This year we made the next step in collaboration, by co-creating a communication execution strategy and a practical communication handbook.

A part of the communication strategy was a video we made for the Booking Booster. The Booking Booster was a two week accelerator program that supports scale-ups to grow their sustainable tourism venture. Every year organizes an event where the scale-ups pitch their idea. 
We were asked to create an aftermovie of this event that wasn’t like a typical aftermovie. Therefore we created ‘This is not an aftermovie.’