Impact stories


Ernst & Young is inspiring their employees to use their skills and experience to make a positive impact on society. By sharing the success stories of their employees they strive to empower more employees to Do Good.



Limelights is communication partner of Ernst & Young. Together we define strategies in workshops, develop concepts and create the right content to promote their Corporate Responsibility programs and translate their Do Good stories. A big part of the CR strategy is to communicate Do Good stories of EY employees, so Limelights produced several impact stories of employees that are involved in their programs.

Not only online, but also offline, at the offices, Limelights takes care of the visibility of the Corporate Responsibility programs within EY. Around the turn of the year and in the Summer period we travel to several EY offices in the Netherlands with office activations like New Year’s resolutions or an ice scream car. We also developed personalized ‘’flower seed paper’’ infographics to inform EY employees about EY’s Corporate Responsibility programs.