The Spindle



Partos is the industry association for developmental aid and unites more than 100 NGOs. Connected organizations vary from Unicef, War Child, from Leger des Heils to Stichting Doen. Partos makes an effort in the interests of all of its members, so they can successfully pursue their goal: a just and sustainable world for all.


The world of development aid is constantly moving. Promoting innovation and impact requires a dialogue and cooperation between innovators and NGOs. Therefore, Partos launched a new platform; The Spindle. On this platform innovators are able to find each other, launch projects and share their successful (or failed) cases.



Partos and asked Limelights to help set up a communication campaign around the introduction of The Spindle. We created the campaign images where innovation, collaboration and diversity are the point of focus. We also created a clean and attractive animation presentation that explains The Spindle and also acts as a call to participants.


Limelights Communicatie Campagne voor Partos: The Spindle