Aandeel in de Buurt

Crowd funding in the Netherlands

With Aandeel in de Buurt, Rabobank proudly supports smart initiatives that strengthen the local community. By using the Aandeel in de Buurt platform you can easily start your own project and mobilize your network online to gather time, knowledge and or money.


Communication Campaign

In cooperation with the 1%Club , Limelights realized the communication campaign and helped participants in setting up their own crowd funding campaign. Limelights was proud to work and shoot so many different participants with Aandeel in de Buurt  as we saw many different projects and shot different initiatives throughout the country.


Road trip

Limelights journeyed to many exciting and unexpected places in our quest for the perfect image. From local soccer clubs, a solar panel we found in a cafeteria, and a start-up incubator in the north of the Netherlands – we captured anything and everyone who made up these interesting projects and participants!

Communication Campaign for the Aandeel in de Buurt Rabobank

Crowd funding Master Class

During the crowd funding master class, in which the project owners learned about crowd funding and crowdsourcing in one day, we created campaign images and videos for each project. Limelights’ intent was to capture the unique projects that covered different topics and themes.

Communication Campaign for the Aandeel in de Buurt Platform Rabobank Communication Campaign for the Aandeel in de Buurt Platform Rabobank

Always co-creating!

Like with each company we work with, there is a co-creation session to kick off the project. Check out the images below to see the unique co-creation storm for Aandeel in de Buurt.