Union member, completely of our time!



The financial sector is subject to major changes which affects the career opportunities of bank employees. A strong union is therefore important to keep all employees informed about their opportunities and challenges. Rabobank asked us to connect their unions and make them visible again.




To make the unions visible again, we decided we had to freshen up the somewhat ‘’dusty’’ image of the unions. Therefore we emphasize the positive and important work of the three unions within the bank in a completely contemporary way. Communicating together with Jurist in communicatie, Limelights is producing on- and offline content with a fresh and modern look and feel for the unions.


The alternative
In our recent campaign for the Rabobonden ‘’Het Alternatief’’ (the alternative) we challenged Rabobank employees to think about the possibility of a career path outside of the bank. We did so by interviewing four ex-employees of the Rabobank and asked them about their experience of leaving the Rabobank. This resulted in four podcasts with personal, inspiring stories. The whole online campaign (social posts, blogs, podcasts) is visualized by colorful illustrations and gifs.

Limelights Internal communication campaign for the unions active at the Rabobank

Join the negotiations on WhatsApp
In cooperation with C2B the Rabobonden introduced a Whatsapp community in 2016. Over 1.000 Rabobank employees have joined and the unions receive valuable input that is used during the negotiations about the social plan and collective agreements. The Rabobonden is a new era of maintaining relationships, reaching your employees and uniquely filtering research!

Limelights Internal communication campaign for the unions active at the Rabobank