Accenture & 1%Club

Be bold Be bright Do good

Meet the business

During the 1% Student Battle top students were challenged to use their knowledge and experience for social entrepreneurship in developing countries. Under the supervision of Accenture consultants- the students work out a business case regarding one of the 1%Club projects. Part of the Battle consists of the crowd funding campaign organized by the students themselves. During the grand finale a jury announces the winning team. The winners then fly to the project’s location to implement the self-developed solution. This is a unique opportunity for students to meet Accenture while simultaneously making an effort for the 1%Club project.


A different kind of business course

But how do you get ambitious students to sign up for The Battle? This was the solution we sought to find. We did so with a new recruitment campaign. By positioning the 1%Student Battle as a different kind of business course we emphasized the distinctive, and unique, character of the Battle. With real cases in the Battle that allows the students to have real social impact by using their knowledge, experience and applying it a developing country.



With the motto, BE BOLD, BE BRIGHT DO GOOD, Limelights developed a campaign with a strong online focus. An outspoken trailer attracted students to the website. On Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn we developed an engaging social campaign in which we directly targeted the students with identifiable imagery.